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To attack the flat, white card companies Intel to "turnkey."
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Perhaps chips involved in the field is too broad , it seems always accompanied by some of the partners or rivals Intel rumors when met during last year's Fall IDF ...
Perhaps chips involved in the field is too broad , it seems always accompanied by some of the partners or rivals Intel rumors when met during last year's Fall IDF Intel's old buddy HP were excluded from the Dow Jones Industrial Average , and the Taipei Computer Show ( Computex 2014) on Intel continues to emphasize that he would use the mobile Internet tablet captured , and then catch up with the U.S. chip maker Broadcom announced it would abandon its high prices and not grounded gas complex cellular baseband chip business .

Intel ran a full two days to follow will hear this message , the presence of reporters all regret - in this current market is monopolized ARM architecture , as well as Intel and turned the space?

PC and server -side advantage to maintain and even strengthen ; mobile phone market until 2015 rematch ; things for the consumer market , Intel is ready, but the agreement was not ready ( eg for multi-screen transmission Widi agreement other chip manufacturers do not support , at least not easy getting smart TV ) ...... this is the situation faced by Intel .

Therefore, this year Intel plans a top priority is the Tablet PC . Media were curiosity , are also peremptorily children to Intel to Comrade MediaTek learning , designed to foster Shenzhen Chong (bai) New (pai) Enterprise (chang) Industry (shang) "turnkey " ( "turnkey " Intel CTE" China innovation Circle " strategic cooperation with partners fundamental mode ) .

Why should " turn-key " ?

"Turnkey" main function is to " quickly" to put a certain number of quality assurance and has a price advantage to the market ( based on Baytrail processor platform) Intel Inside tablet , first in the mobile phone market and temporarily lost the PC defensible the market to make a block , and then waiting in the wings .

Needs to be clarified is that "turnkey " model so far in the future significance than practical significance. According to official figures provided by Intel , which so far this year in Shenzhen manufacturers shipped 100 million tablets , tablet shipments this year accounted for only a small part . Want to complete 40 million figure , still need to rely on Intel Lenovo, Asus , Acer and other old partners .

Keys to whom ?

Core " turnkey" is Intel and its small domestic manufacturers , led called " Chinese partner" / white card manufacturers. Up to now, this has been a partner of nearly 30 .

While Intel stressed that in order to establish a good ecosystem , CTE partners will include parts suppliers , independent design companies, software companies , ODM / OEM, may be involved in the field of small to MP3, as large server vendors , but because Intel the CTE strategic priority is the development of tablet PCs , there is currently a partner in the production of flat ODM / OEM -based, covering the upstream and downstream industry chain .

From the inclusion criteria of view , Intel last year has been a strong push Taipower , the Blue Devils , and this co- participants and vendors Yifang Digital Blue Coast . In addition to their own ( extended to the plates on either MP3, such as the Blue Devils will MP3/MP4 experience ) has extensive experience in tablet OEM / ODM , but had entered the overseas market is also very important to be Intel's condition - Yifang Digital is mainly for overseas markets, and veterans of the Blue Coast had previously done overseas ODM experience. Because for Intel believes ,70- 80% of the design and manufacture of the tablet can be sold in the Chinese market, the only global , not domestic cheap tablet .

Key how to pay ?

CTE of one of the partners , " was handed the keys ," the Blue Coast boss HE Tao said , in fact, "turnkey" is to provide a complete solution from the chip maker . Now Qualcomm , MTK and Intel will do, but Qualcomm achieve 85% done very tired ; MTK and Intel can do more than 95 %.

Speaking specifically what this 95% are doing, look at the following -

Intel will make reference design will make a matching component library partners can see the availability of different parts ; help partners improve existing work processes ; Intel to participate in the sale of the CTE , the Mobile Division and manufacturing three groups will make predictions based on their product lines and market demand, " help " Partner control shipments ( that white is to help solve the Shenzhen vendors based on market supply to determine how much how much production capacity of the state ) . After shipping, Intel will be in the advertising , retail drainage areas, such as Gome and Suning, using his connections to help OEM products to sell as soon as possible .

It appears that Intel can not wait to do anything , that is, in order to allow manufacturers to quickly deliver these goods OEM, and then sold to consumers. Intel's own anxious not anxious glance - in fact, Intel invested Rockchip is also such a thing, both Intel collaboration is defined as " very complementary " Rockchip very small microstrip over their partners , you can quickly make Intel architecture products quickly into the small shop vendors go.

In addition, the "turnkey" There are no problems

1 , in this case , CTE sounds more like a white card manufacturer wishes to make customized according to Intel , but appears to lack innovation. In this regard , the reporter who specifically requested Intel CTE Sales and Product Marketing Director Yang Bin cited several "partner" in innovation examples.

Yang Bin : First, the customer according to their own understanding of the market and consumers to define software experience ; Second, the tablet vertical areas , such as education tablet , tablet games , medical tablet as the vertical depth of customization by the user. Intel is currently the vertical channel partners and partners do flat butt ; Third, innovative business models , some CTE partners to attract international brands to Shenzhen to buy their designs.

Yang Bin , then of course have to look at both sides . He Tao, in the face of a reporter's question , said it half-jokingly , in fact, 95% of Intel's done up like the Blue Coast experienced this technology vendors still feel some pressure , because in fact, highly sophisticated solutions to further reduce the barriers to entry , and some not-so- strong software and technology vendors can participate.

2 , Intel's mobile chip main problem lies in the complexity of the overall system architecture than ARM , so even if chip prices fell , overall still more expensive, which is Intel also improved the point , in-depth Huaqiang North Intel had to rely on subsidies to attract partners ( Microsoft is the same ) ; also Intel is also working to launch SoC, because the X86 is more optimized in terms of performance , if the whole system is designed to optimize the degree of ARM , Intel may cancel subsidies , after Intel in the mobile business lost a lot of money. However, reducing subsidies or subsidies Intel , the consumer market recognized it?

3 , although Intel's mobile communications division of China Mobile Wireless Sales Director Zhao Dayong said Intel will no partner ceiling , and there is no emphasis in the promotion . But many people, unable to provide a full range of natural and meticulous service , the ability to take care of the interests between the partners to also become a problem. Maybe this is why one of the partners of Intel election requirement is " talk to ", " to develop a consensus ."

4 . Baytrail platform was first introduced, can support both Windows and Android Both systems are sent to a lot of hope , but the current products on the market point of view , Windows and Android dual system of the existence of a tablet is difficult to achieve - the reason is not Intel , that the other two do not agree to do it.

Intel said that the sales target this year, 40 million units flat to flat set themselves is steadily implementation. Looked at this year's Computex Conference , in the endless pursuit of respect for Intel to increase performance and improve the process, but also can not help feeling a company's genes will not change , Intel is still the somewhat rigid Tech men - but the good news it has been trying to put one foot off the ground.

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